Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

We want you to be 100% happy and informed with your (Ceramic Coating) so we have assembled this Q & A to help you understand ceramic coatings in a little more depth. If you require any further information please let us know and we will be pleased to advise.

Paint Protection Film(Clear Bra):

Paint Protection Film, also known as “Clear Bra”, is crucial in keeping the condition of your car in the best shape possible while maintaining the maximum resale value. There is no better alternative when it comes to paint chip prevention. Reports to your vehicles CarFax and comes with a Warranty based on the level of film you choose. Requires an annual inspection to maintain warranty. Just like tint PPF is a 99% industry. We strive for perfection but there can be minor imperfections. 
Can Paint Protection Film be installed on Chrome? Any of our films can be installed on Chrome, though the finish will look slightly different than if left unprotected. We recommend having your installer apply a small swatch to the desired surface so you can see what it looks like before deciding.

Depending on the size of the vehicle, and the amount being covered, the installation of PPF can take 2-5 days.

Paint protection film is installed on painted surfaces. There are many levels of coverage offered by different installers. Please check with your trusted shop to make sure they offer what you’re looking for. All Pro Detailing Services LLC offers a wide variety of options to fit your needs. Hood Only, Front Bumper Only, Headlights, Frontal(high impact areas), Door guards, Full Vehicle Wrap.

No, the bristles on car wash brushes are too abrasive and can void your warranty. You CAN run your car through a “Touch-less Car Wash”. This is not always as effective so feel free to give us a call anytime you need a reliably safe and professional clean!

Yes, pressure washers can be used on paint protection films, provided the film has completely dried after installation (typically 7-10 days) and provided the high-pressure water is not pointed directly at the edges of the film. Yes, a pressure washer can be used on a ceramic coating, as long as it’s after the 10 day inspection.

It is highly unlikely for paint protection film to harm OEM paint. Paint systems used on modern assembly lines today produce a minimum bond strength of 16 MPa and maximum of 25 MPa between the panel and the paint depending on color, iridescence and the system used. Our film’s bond to the painted surface at normal state (immediately following installation) is .0753 MPa. Even after years of heat and sun, the bond between the film and the paint increases to only 0.17 MPa. What that means is in the absolute worst case scenario, the bond of factory paint to the panel is over 94 times stronger than the bond of our film to the paint. In the best case, the paint is 332 times stronger.That being said, it is still recommended to have a professional remove the film in accordance with the current safety recommendations.

Yes, All Pro Detailing Services LLC offers both paint touch up using the paint code for your vehicle and paint corrections to remove imperfections from your paint before installation.

The self-healing clear coat of the Gloss and Matte films is designed to repair itself from swirl marks and light scratches from dirt, fingernails, small road debris, etc. If a piece of debris has penetrated all the way through the clear coat on the film, it will not self-heal. The only way to fix this would be to have the piece of film replaced.

The clear coat is the self-healing layer and is approximately 13 microns thick. If that layer is penetrated, the film will not heal.

The biggest difference between paint protection film and a ceramic coating is protection. The paint protection film has higher impact and scratch resistance and is of corse a thicker barrier on your paint. The second difference is longevity. The longest a coating will last is between 2-5 years where a paint protection film is 10-12 years.

The brands we offer have 10-12 year warranties that protect against a range of issues including yellowing. Please refer to your warranty card provided at checkout for your service.

Yes. BUT, most paint protection films come factory with a ceramic coating already. Please speak with our representatives to figure out which film is best for you!

Ceramic Coating:

A ceramic coating is a chemical layer that bonds to your paint to offer hydrophobic properties and ease of maintenance.

Depending on the brand and level of package you chose the ceramic coating alone can take from 1-2 days to install properly. THEN it needs 24-48 hours of cure time before being exposed to the elements for optimum results.

Ease of maintenance, hydrophobic properties, and self-cleaning properties.

Different coatings offer different warranties. The most common are 2-5 years of protection. Please keep in mind there is NO coating currently on the market that is truly “lifetime”. There are some that market a “lifetime warranty” but as installers in the industry we have seen first hand that is not the case. Feel free to give us a call and we can give you all of your realistic options!

Yes! All Pro Detailing Services LLC offers ceramic coatings for kinds of surfaces. Marine, Aviation, or Road vehicles.

9H hardness is a rating based on the Pencil Hardness Test, commonly used by manufacturers of clear and pigmented surface coatings. The Pencil Hardness test is used to determine the scratch resistance of a coating surface by using pencils to scratch the surface and rate the scratch resistance in relation to that pencils hardness and other materials of similar hardness.
No, there is not a ceramic coating currently that can self heal. We do have paint protection films that have self-healing abilities.
What all gets a Ceramic Coating on my vehicle/RV? We ceramic coat all surfaces on your vehicle, RV, motorcycle, or boat! -Glass-Wheel faces-Painted surfaces -Plastic surfaces

Yes, All Pro Detailing Services LLC offers interior ceramic coatings for plastics, fabrics, and leather!

An interior ceramic coating is going to help protect surfaces from spills, stains, and fading.


All ceramic tint has the ability to reject the sun’s most heat-causing infrared rays. The newest, most advanced ceramic tint pushes that power into new territory. They have more concentrated nano-ceramic particles, boosting infrared blocking capabilities to higher levels. Because of this, newer ceramic innovations are sometimes called infrared tint or IR-blocking film.
Tint is “shrunk” on the outside of your windows and installed on the inside of your windows.

Every vehicle has individual curvature to the windows. When an installer mentions “shrinking” it means they used heat on the film to help it conform to the shape needed for installation.

Yes, Texas legal limit for the windshield is a 70% or 80% film. This means the film lets in roughly 70-80% of light.

Texas Law states: 
Windshield – 70%-80% film
Visor – 25%-80% film
2 Front Windows – 25%-80% film
Rear Windows – Unlimited
The percentage is the amount of light transmitted through the film.

Paint Corrections:

A paint correction is the process of eliminating imperfections in painted surfaces. Ex. Swirls, scratches, hazing, oxidation, and hard water spots. Paint corrections can not always remove 100% of imperfections.

If your paint is oxidized there is hope! Depending on the depth of the oxidation it can be removed with a professional paint correction. This process can be more extensive since it often calls for the installer to wet sanding the paint before the 2-step correction can be started.

It is not required but definitely recommended to have a correction done before having a ceramic coating or PPF installed. The reason for this is both are like clear blankets that can sometimes enhance the imperfections in your paint. This means if you have a scratch it will be covered with the coating or film and will be easier to see next to the glossy clear surrounding areas.

First, an abrasive compound is used to knock down any imperfections/scratches. Second, a fine polish is used to smooth out the surface for a mirror like finish.

Depending on the level of correction needed it can be between 1/2-3 days.

Viny Wraps:

Vinyl wraps typically last 5-7 years.

The best way to decide is to know what each offers. A vinyl wrap will change the color of your vehicle, provide minor protection, and lasts 5-7 years. Paint protection film cannot change the original color of your vehicle, provides major paint protection, and lasts 10-12 years.

We always encourage our customers to schedule a free design consultation with us. We can show you all of your options and help you make the choice that’s right for what you’re looking for.

A vinyl wrap can be less expensive than having the whole vehicle painted. Another great benefit is if you want to change the color down the road the vinyl is removable and a full paint job is not.

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